How to upgrade from Windows 7 RC to Windows 7 RTM

Windows 7 RTM was released few days back and most suggested option was to do a clean installation. That’s a good one but then I need to re install all the software and reconfigure everything. To avoid this when I asked few of my fellow friends they pointed me out to this

It is not possible to upgrade from RC to RTM because of the minimum build number Windows 7 RTM settings look for but this can be changed. There is  a configuration file called as cversion.ini in which Minimum CLient Version or MinClient can be set to lower value than your current version.

If you try to do it without the change, you will get the error as below.

Windows 7 RC upgrade error

Looking at the setup files I was able to find minclient in the same file which is located under Sources folder of the setup. Here it is after and before.

Updating Minimum Client Version : Windows 7 rc to windows 7 rtm
Windows 7 RC upgrade step 1 : Compatibility Check
Windows 7 RC upgrade step 2
Windows 7 upgrade finish :

The first thing which I checked was my blank start menu which is not filled in completely which wasnt the case when I upgraded Windows Vista to Windows RC. Now its time to find out what all has changed in this version. I will keep you posted.

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