How to Use or Enable Chrome Extension in Incognito Mode?

Are you looking for how to use a Chrome Extension in Incognito Mode? Well, if you have logged into your Google account on someone else’s laptop or PC, you would think of privacy. Instead of logging in and out of their PC, you should switch to the Incognito mode. But then Chrome Extensions don’t work in Incognito mode unless specifically enabled. This post will share how you can use or enable Chrome Extension in Incognito mode.

Thus, none of the data gets collected, the other person cannot see your browsing, nor their browser contains cookies from your account. When you open Incognito mode, you do not find any of your extensions like Adblocker, SEO Quake, Snov.IO, or similar. Therefore, we will help you enable such extensions so that you can use them in Incognito mode.

Use or Enable Chrome Extension in Incognito Mode

Use or Enable Chrome Extension in Incognito Mode?

When you open Incognito mode, you do not see any extensions installed. Incognito mode supports private browsing; extensions are third-party tools, so none are installed. However, you can use Chrome extensions in Incognito mode if you want.

Follow the steps given below to use Chrome Extension in Incognito mode:

  • Head over to Chrome and tap on the three-dotted icon at the top-right corner
  • In the drop-down menu, choose More Tools and select Extensions from sub-menuDetails Button Chrome Extension List
  • All your Extensions list opens; go to the extension you want to enable and press the Details button.
  • Navigate to Allow in Incognito and Toggle on the buttonEnable extension for Incognito Mode
  • Launch Chrome in Incognito mode, and the extension should be available.

Note: You cannot enable any extension while in Incognito mode. You need to enable it ahead of time. If you enable it later, you will need to relaunch it.


Incognito modes support higher levels of privacy while browsing, and third-party tools can hinder privacy. So if you plan to use it, please know the risk. I hope the post was easy to follow, and you could use a Chrome Extension in Incognito mode.

Can You Force Install Chrome Extensions in Incognito Mode?

No, you cannot. While there is a policy—ExtensionInstallForcelist—Chrome doesn’t allow it to work under Incognito mode. One needs to install the extension in the regular mode and then toggle it on during Incognito mode to use it.

How to Use VPN in Incognito?

You should select a server and activate the VPN you want. Further, go to Chrome or any other browser, open an Incognito tab, and VPN would work with it.

How to Enable Extensions in Chrome?

Go to Google Chrome and tap on the three-dotted icon to open the Menu. Select More tools and then click on Extensions. A list of all your extensions will be displayed. Navigate to an extension and toggle on the button next to them to enable it.


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