How to use a Chrome Extension in Incognito mode

Chrome Incognito mode makes sure that whatever you are surfing is not recorded and any cookies that is created by any websites gets deleted as soon as you close the browser.  During this all the extensions are also disabled just to make sure those add ons do not collect any data about your surfing behavior.

Now if you want to use an extension during this mode, Chrome allows you to enable it one by one.  To do this follow the steps below :

  • Open a new tab in Chrome
  • Type chrome://extensions/
  • This will open the extension manager of chrome.
  • Now for every extension there is a check box and says Allow in incognito.
  • Check for the extension you want to use in incognito mode.
  • Close and launch the incognito mode using the Wrench > New incognito window.

Allow an Extension in incognito Mode

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