Free Download Manager Tips to get you started 

Free Download Manager is a decade old, or probably more, software that allows you to manage download, organize, schedule, speed-up Internet file downloads, and faster when optimized. In this post, we will share some tips on Free Download Manager to get more out of it. It is one of the best download managers available for Windows 10, Chrome, and macOS.

Free Download Manager Tips

Note: I am using version 5 for this post. If you are running a different version, the options may look a bit different.

Free Download Manager Tips to get you started

Many of us are using FDM in our day to day life, but do we make the most out of it? I have seen people using the software, and they are pleased, but on real terms, they don’t harness the power of the software. What could be the reason? Probably we don’t explore it more. So here are some features of Free Download Manager you should know:

  1. Download Modes
  2. Quickly switch to Light Mode
  3. Schedule Downloads
  4. Browser Integration
  5. Configure FDM Settings

While the modern browsers have improved when it comes to downloading files, resuming back broken downloads, and more, bu FDM still offers a lot of features.

1] Download Modes

By default, FDM takes a maximum of your download speed when in action, and hence if you are browsing at the same time, the sites or applications will open slow.

If you want to balance it out, the three different modes are available for download—High, Normal, and Low. They allow downloading files at a fast speed, medium speed, and slow speed, respectively. Thus, allowing you to utilize your Internet connection as per your convenience.

Free Download Manager Tips Set Priority

These options are not available before the download starts but can be configured later. Right-click on any of the downloads, and set it accordingly. To balance it even further, you can choose the amount of bandwidth each of these modes can be used.

  • Click on the hamburger menu, and then click on Settings.
  • Switch to Traffic Limits, and here you can configure
    • Download speed & upload speed
    • The maximum number of connections
    • and the maximum number of simultaneous downloads.

2] Quickly Switching to Light Mode or Snail Mode

Snail Mode to slow down all the downloads

Now you don’t want to keep on switching from Heavy mode to light every time you browse. FDM gives you a direct option of switching to Light Mode, aka Snail Mode, as soon as you start browsing. You will have to activate it manually.

Launch FDM, and look for a Snail icon on the bottom left of the software. Click on it. As soon as you do that, the snail will turn orange, and all downloads will fall in KBPS download speed. It is useful when you need to get your work done but still want to download it to continue even at a snail speed.

3] Schedule Downloads

Free Download Manager Download Options

Most of the ISPs offer better download speed at night. Chances are you will end up downloading everything at night than during the day. FDM has an inbuilt scheduler that allows you to select any download and put it on a particular schedule. The option also shows up just before the download starts.

Check the box which says Scheduler, and then configure the day and time of the download. You also get a preview of the availble disk size and fie size.

If a download is in progress, you can still schedule it to download later. Since download managers can take a large part of bandwidth, it will hamper your current work. So to download it later, right-click on the file you are downloading and click on schedule.

Schedule existing downloads


4] Browser Integration

You will want to catch the download, which you start in the browser to FDM. Like always, you will need to install the Firefox, Edge, and Chrome extensions to do that. As soon as you start the download, it will open in the download manager, and you can schedule to download it instantly.

5] Configure FDM Settings

I would strongly suggest you configure download settings of the FDM. Some features can be optimized and set up in a way that you do not waste a lot of time figuring out the download and more.

  • Choose to create folders based on the type of file or source
  • Configure ALT key to skip download appearing in FDM
  • Configure domains and extensions which the download manager can skip
  • Use a browser if you choose to cancel the download using FDM.
  • Power Management to keep the computer awake and shut down when the downloads are complete
  • Preallocate disk space

There are a few essential features that are not available anymore in the current version. The option to create a portable version, exporting and importing settings, choosing which Antivirus to scan the files, remote controller, site exploration, and more. They are still available for download, but they work only on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

I hope the post was easy to understand, and you now know more about the Free Download Manager than before. Explore the settings to know more.

Download Free Download Manager from the home page.


  1. please tell me to have a proper settings with “upload traffic” for better download. please explain me seeds and mirrors and their setting all i want is maximum download speed not bothering browsing.

    thank you.


  2. Manav,

    I’ve just downloaded both “Free Download Manager” and “Software Informer.”

    I know you’re familiar with FDM, but are you familiar with “Software Informer”?

    I ask because I don’t understand either and I’d appreciate your help. I’m quite intelligent (member of Mensa), but, frankly, not particularly intuitive when it comes to software.

    I’m a copyeditor and I think I could help you with your English. Your English is good, i.e., it’s certainly understandable, but it could be better. I say that because when native speakers of English realize that someone’s command of English is not as strong as their own, they tend to dismiss that person’s abilities. I know that that’s silly, but that’s how people are.

    If you think that that’s a problem, I can change it for you.

    If you’ll agree to help me with FDM and “Software Informer” (they’re supposed to work together to make my life much less burdensome), I’ll be happy to proof and copyedit your text.

    I hope you think that this proposal would be useful to you. Thanks.


  3. @ Matt Gaffney, I haven’t used the Software Informer, so not very sure, well you please go ahead and and send an email using the contact page, tell me what you need, I will try to come up with some solution soon.



  5. I’m second Prasanta on his testimony.
    I on the other hand haven’t messed with any settings.
    I left everything the way it was on default.

    Any help/advice on how to efficently use this software would greatly be appreciated, thanks!

  6. When I first used FDM when I wanted to download I right clicked on the file and the menu came up download with fdm for some reason this does not happen and I cannot choose where my download goes. What can I do to access FDM at download time?

    Wally Boyes

  7. Well i have been a longtime user of fdm and i think it is pretty good.I have dial up and this speeds up my downloads and makes it feel like i have dsl.

    anyways i guess im outa web page i guess this is the end…

  8. When I first used FDM when I wanted to download I right clicked on the file and the menu came up download with fdm for some reason this does not happen and I cannot choose where my download goes. What can I do to access FDM at download time?

    Wally Boyes =)

  9. Just wondering can FDM import multiple files at once?
    Example if I have a group I want to download why does selecting all and right clicking, “Download all with free download manager” not work?


  10. hi, first off, i love FDM, great tool.

    HOWEVER, sometimes it “loses” the files.
    they are in the downloaded list, and I can run them.
    BUT they are not in the downloaded path in windows explorer.

    this is not a problem with PDFs, because i can just open it, and save a copy within acrobat.
    but with exe’s, that doesnt work.

    i tried moving the file to a new folder in fdm. it “thinks” the file has been moved. but it isnt there when i look.

    this is driving me nuts.

    and of course, murphys law is in full effect.
    i downloaded an entire DVD of content (free s/w DVD, limited time offer) but when i went to find it in explorer, it wasnt bloody there!!! 10 hrs wasted.

    best regards,

    PS —
    i am on latest version, did the update within FDM and it said i have latest version already. sigh…

  11. How can I download mp3 albums and turn it into files? Please, please, please reply. I need step by step instructions on how to download mp3 albums. Please respond…

  12. something has gone wrong with my FDM. All of a sudden it has stopped downloading my .exe files, 3gp files, rar files and any other heavy files. these files could be easily downloaded earlier. i have even formatted my pc but its not helping. plzzzzz helppppppppp……..

  13. I would like to know how to force FDM to use the mirrors that I have added? In order to download the file from multiple locations and therefore at a faster speed. Thanks in advance

  14. is there any way that i can configure FDM to start downloading automatically as soon as some video or audio is played or i click on download link…???? as this is default setting in IDM…

  15. I click to dl a file and it goes into “queued” but doesn’t dl it. I don’t get it. I don’t have it on a schedule that I’m aware of.


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