How to use OneNote to make notes with Office Word

While reviewing or reading a Microsoft Office Word File, we often have doubts or some extra notes to add which is helpful for our reference. If you are totally into digital note taking mood, One Note and Word Integration in Office 2010 just got better for you, Linked Notes.

Using Linked Notes you can add your points into OneNote and keep it linked to any paragraph of word document i.e. When you click on the particular note, it can take you to that section of Word File for which you took note.

Linked Note Example

Like you can see in the above image, point noted by me for a word document on Hyper V is displayed when I hover over it and if I click on the Word Icon on the left, it would open the document and take me to that paragraph.

This feature resembels exactly on how we do it on paper. For example when I would make notes on paper, I will always make a reference to Book Name, Page No and Paragrah or at least a mark to lace it back.

How to use it ?

  • Open the Office Word document  and navigate to Review Section and look for Linked Notes which will be at the end of the ribbon Menu.
  • Click on it and it will open One Note and you will have to select a page of OneNote where you will type in your points.

Office 2010 Word One Note Link

  • Like you can see above, both the documents are docked side by side making it easy for you to note and not spend all the time to switch between them.
  • Once Done that, just write your points and your references will be stored.
  • You can access your reference from OneNote itself ( the example above ).
  • To manage all your references look for Linked Note Icon just at top left of the sheet.

Launch Linked Document from One Note

Going on step further, Linked Note is not just limited to Office Word. You can use it with PowerPoint, Another One Note document, WebPage ( It comes along with IE Toolbar ). As of now Linked Notes is not supported for Excel 2010 which IMO should have been there. I dont see a point why it was left out.


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