How to use same Virtual Machine in Multiple VMware Team

When creating a new team in VMware, it does not allow to use an existing Virtual Machine if its is already a part of another team this means you need another set of Virtual Machine. This is not feasible both from point of view of space and if you want to see how an existing machine will work in a different team environment.

Keeping this in mind, VMWare Workstation tool comes with a clone feature which allows you to create a copy of existing machine in two ways :

  1. Create an exact replica of existing virtual machine
  2. Create a linked copy which uses the same Virtual Machine but act differently.

The second option is what many of Vmware Team users will be looking for as they can save a lot of space and secondly test the same machine in different environment.

To clone a Virtual Machine can be done by using the menu VM > Clone and the same menu can be launched while creating a new team itself. I recommend this highly as it take 3-4 second max to create a copy saving lot of time.


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