How to use Yahoo & Gmail Shortcuts in (Keyboard Shortcuts)

After a major overhaul of Hotmail or the Live Mail account to Outlook, Microsoft has also made sure that any anybody who is willing to migrate from Yahoo Mail or Gmail to can use the same set of Keyboard shortcuts as they were using before.  Below are the details on How to turn on those shortcuts or completely turn it off.

  • Go to Mail Settings
  • Look for Label which says Customize Outlook and select Keyboard Settings from it.
  • Under this screen, you will see option for all the things we just talked above :

Outlook Keyboard Shortcut Settings

Below is the list of Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts you can make use of :

To do thisPress this
Delete a messageDelete
Create a new messageCtrl+N
Send a messageCtrl+Enter
Open a messageCtrl+Shift+O
Print a messageCtrl+Shift+P
Reply to a messageCtrl+R
Reply all to a messageCtrl+Shift+R
Forward a messageCtrl+Shift+F
Save a draft messageCtrl+S
Flag a message for follow upL
Categorize a messageC
Mark a message as junkCtrl+Shift+J
Mark a message as readCtrl+Q
Mark a message as unreadCtrl+U
Move to a folderCtrl+Shift+V
Open the next messageCtrl+.
Open the previous messageCtrl+,
Close a messageEsc
Search your email messages/
Check spellingF7
Select allS then A
Deselect allS then N
Go to the inboxF then I
Go to your Drafts folderF then D
Go to your Sent folderF then S

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