How to Video : Google Maps Voice / Ringtone Notification for Transit and Bubble Buttons

Google Maps was updated few hours back and now it has three awesome feature, One is Bubble Buttons which makes it easy to call in one tap and also launch the direction search with less taps. Second is the Voice and Ringtone support which was only limited to vibration support. Thirdly transit Navigation works on tablets also. Below is a video on how it works and how you can use it :

Video demo of Google maps

How to use Bubble Buttons :

  • This is a labs feature, So when you have launched the maps, Open More and select labs.
  • Then scroll down to Bubble Buttons. Select and it gets turned on.
  • Now to understand it , search for a location like a hotel or hospital which has a phone number.
  • Now if they are listed on Google Maps, you will see a green call button and a direction button right next to the pin which displays the position of the place in the map.

Google Maps Bubble Buttons

How to use Voice / Ringtone Notification in Google Maps

This is a non-labs feature. If you are traveling via Transit i.e. Like Metro, it is possible that you had been missing stops sometimes in case the reminder at the metro is not working or you were too busy listening to music to beat the local chap chap of the people around you. So now even if you have headphones on, Google Maps can notify you of upcoming stop using Ringtone or Voice. Here is how to use it.

  • First get your direction set using the transit option in Google Maps.
  • When you are ready and about to start, Hit the menu button and then select Navigation.
  • This will turn on your GPS and find your location.
  • Done that now hit the menu button again and tap on notification and you will get option for Ringtone and Voice apart from vibration.
  • You can chose either of the one.

Google Transit Notification Ringtone and Voice


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