How to write an out of the box technical article part 1

Writing an article is an art, not an easy one but then not impossible either. Its more like expressing your understanding of tech things and how well you put into words when it comes to explaining them. When it comes to blogging it becomes a little tricky. Blogs standout to be different than news channel we see in Google news and there are reasons for it.

They have good traffic and why just one reason, they are included into Google News program, well most of the time. So now you have a blog and you want to make it better and different than others, what do you do? Here are my points that you should take care of when you write a technical article to make yourself standout different.

A) Understand the technology first:

Its always better to understand about the technology first. Its same thing when a physics teacher goes to class and tells them what E=MC2. He understands himself first and then explains. Remember technology is not an easy thing to say. If you want to just say ” Apple made an iphone”, its pretty simple but its always better to understand what makes an apple phone rock. The stronger you are on understanding the better you will write.

B) Have a quick line before you start

Always provide a small summary or quick line before you actually get down the news. This will give advantage to both to your readers and you. Many people tend not to read the whole news unless they know whats inside it. This feature i have seen any many news channel. They give a small brief of what the news is. You can always accumulate some important things in it. Say for an example “Halo 3 is going to be released on 25th September”. Now this gives a catch to the reader what you will be writing.

C) Don’t Write too Geeky unless….

There is no limit to how deep you can go into a technical article. You can define everything of it right from where it started ….but we need to full stop somewhere right ? So my point is unless you have a blog or site which completely deals with tech definition or have readers which are themselves geek don’t get into th details too much. Keep it simple and explain with examples which are related to life or a common usage. Remember readers don’t have much time, so if you waste much time in writing too much of details, chances are they will skip what you want to say. Thats not good right?

D) Validate your article

Its always a good idea to validate your news or article with strong links or images or e books depending on your choice. Not everybody is a tech writer or an engineer to know every point about it. So even if you are writing “how lintel processor works” there is no problem. But then you got to have some proof to convince your readers. Always use some images , videos or links that can make them understand what you say is right. This helps you even more if somebody really geeky drops down on your blog and shoots you some question. You never know he might promote you if you have answered him well.

Brief of the this article

So As my title says this is part and my 3rd point says “Don’t make it too long” , So just as a brief what we learn from this post till now is :

  • Understand the technology first
  • Have a quick line before you start
  • Don’t Write too Geeky unless….
  • Validate your article

If you have any more ideas, I would really like to read in the comments. So share with me and other readers and we all can have some good points to follow. Now you can continue to the the next post on this series which coves the following points

  • E) Upgrade your articles with latest changes
  • F) Be Innovative and Be Live
  • G) Take Ideas from Magazines and News Papers and Media Sources
  • H) Give a summary or a conclusion at the end


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