How & When to reduce clutter when reply or forward Emails in Outlook

I am pretty sure you had been a victim of many forwarded mails and replies chains where the original message is always lost because of the ways the mails are replied, containing all the original messages and when it is threaded conversation it becomes complicated.

In Outlook there is away you can reduce clutter when replying or forwarding any email. In corporates one of the most common way I had seen is attaching the original email while forwarding. This makes sure you can read the original message separately and forwarded separately.

To use similar way Outlook comes with few settings you can use. Go to BackStage using the File Menu on top left and then click on options. Select Mail and scroll to find heading which says “Replies and Forwards”. ( I wish Office had better way to find this ).

Replies and Forward in Outlook 2010
Replies and Forward in Outlook 2010
  1. Do not include original message : 
  2. Attach Original Message ( Best )
  3. Include Original Message Text ( Strictly not preferred )
  4. Include and Indent Original message Text. ( Ok)
  5. Prefix each line of the original message.

Now before you start using this feature there is another aspect you should take a look upon. Who is the user receiving your email and what kind of tool he might be using . In case he is using Gmail he will have to make an effort to view your attachment so in this case it is best to use Option 4 but if he is using Outlook like you can very well use option 3 as he can switch between them quickly.

Attachment View in Emails
Attachment View in Emails


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