How to add Move To Folder and Copy to Folder in Windows 10 Right Click

Send To is an option that comes when you had selected any item and right-click. This option lets you send files to already predefined places in windows. I had always wished that Send To context menu in Windows would have got a dedicated customization Wizard. It is beneficial when you want to sort out files quickly without getting into sophisticated options. In this post, I will share how you to add Move to Folder and Copy to Folder in Windows 10 when you right-click on a file or folder.

For example, if you have a download folder and you have all types of files, e.g., executables, zip, docs, and you want to sort them quickly. Right-click and send to a Document folder and so on.

Copy to Move to In Windows 10 Right-Click

How to add Move To Folder and Copy to Folder in Windows 10 Right Click

In Windows XP, I used to add folder shortcut directly to this folder, though manual, that was the only option. In Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 Send to got a little better as it integrated with Library, favorites, and search folders were included. We got a comment from our reader Gary who says :

Your tip on the “send to” in Windows 7 is OK but Windows 7 “send to” is still not as good as the “add on” that was available in earlier versions of Windows. I tried your suggestion and it moved my file without giving me the option of copy or move. I don’t particularly like that feature! The old “send to” that I loved gives you the option to copy or move the file. It also allowed me to move or copy files from my flash drive to the C drive on my PC. That is the “send to” I am looking for in Windows 7. Bring back the old “send to” it was much better but I tried installing it on Windows 7 and it would not install. Any ideas how I can get back the old and better “send to”?

I agree with Gary. Copying is not the only thing we do, and the move is another good option that should be there. We cant do it Send to yet, but here is a trick which would allow you get Copy to folder and Move to Folder to along with Send to option in the context menu. The only drawback is that you will navigate every time.

Add Copy to Right Click Windows 10

  • Go to Start and  type in Regedit and press Enter
  • Navigate to
  • Right-click on the ContextMenuHandlers folder > New > Key and name it CopyTo .
  • In the right pane, you would see a string that says Default.
  • Right Click on it and select Modify and in the Value data  enter this string
  • Repeating, Now in the left pane do a  right-click ContextMenuHandlers > New > Key. Name it as Move To
  • Like you did in step 4 and 5, Do a right-click on Default > Modify and in the Value data enter this string
  • Exit from the registry editor.

Now, if you do a right-click anywhere, you would see both options showing up. Good Luck.

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How Windows “Send to” can be made better?

Customize Send To

  • Add or remove devices like printers, mobiles so that I can do things faster. Sometimes I want to send photos to my mobile, and if it is connected, this would the easiest way to do it.
  • Libraries show up by default. Why do I need to do a shift +  right-click? And let me customize which libraries I want to see there.
  • Define Action, i.e., Copy or Move.
  • Add “Customize Send to” As of the last item, as you see in the image.
  • And Lastly, A Wizard for customizing  Send to which opens when I click that.

I hope you were able to add Move To Folder and Copy to Folder options in Windows 10 Right Click.


  1. So far so good.
    I want to move file/s to a specific folder [and then shred them intead of recycle bla bla bla], any other idea?


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