How Word Count Tool Helps Every Aspiring Blogger

Creating high-quality content on our site can become the most excellent digital marketing approach to earn more leads. High-quality content also assists us in proving a more consistent online spirit.

If you are composing about a theme that you are most enthusiastic about, possibilities are, you become brought away with the words at times. But you perhaps already recognize that swamping your page with terms does not always imply quality and excellence.

Not all bookworms want scanning multi-page content. That is one substantial justification why you must keep the word count of your web content checked by an ideal word counter.

Benefits of Using Word Count Tool

Benefits of Using Word Count Tool

The word count tool simplifies in many ways. It solely differs upon the intent of the one who assesses through it. Basically, with it, you can calculate the words.

Through this tool, you can able to tell how many words are there in your whole article. The noteworthy point is that you will also be mindful of the number of white spaces that exist between the entire content.

It Says a Lot About Website Ranking

Your site’s online presence is characterized by getting a top position on the search engine results. That is why you should make sure that the content is enhanced by using various SEO strategies.

Search engines favor a site’s content that is loaded with keywords and quality. However, putting a limited quantity of words for each content must be employed. There must be a stability between the quality and length of your content. This balance will be attained by creating the content in an average length – not overly long or short. A word count tool lets you reach this equilibrium.

It Saves Effort and Time

There are billions of websites at the moment – each of which has lots of content. It’s only likely for you to also do your best in producing as much content as you can. Time is always of ultimate prominence for a competent website content writer like you.

Through using a word count tool, you get to conserve both effort and time. Gone are the days of manual counting.

Highlights of Word Count Tool

Apart from functioning as an online word counter, the Word Count Tool site offers more convenient tools for your artistic writing. Why don’t you check out the Scrabble Word Finder, Character Counter Tool, Mind Map tool, and Pomodoro Timer?

Scrabble Word Finder

Are you getting prepared for a big game of Scrabble during your game nights? This Scrabble Word Finder is the mystery weapon you must have! Nail all your matches with the Scrabble Word Finder from the word count tool! Only put in the letters you have, and it will provide you with the possible words.

Character Counter Tool

Create your ideal post on any of your social media accounts with this Character Counter Tool. Keep on within the character count threshold for Twitter (280 characters), Instagram (150 characters), and Facebook posts (80 characters) for the best engagement of your supporters!

Mind Map Tool

The Mind Map Tool visualizes, summarizes, and organizes ideas and reflections as you compose your content! With its easy-to-use and insightful interface, you can modify your mind map to match your style. Go back to your work effortlessly with the auto-save feature, or you can even share the mind map with your colleagues.

Pomodoro Timer

Pomodoro Timer is a time management system that helps improve your work efficiency each day. This method is created in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo and has subsequently established its efficacy!

In the word count tool’s version of the Pomodoro Timer, they offered the predetermined Pomodoro timers. However, you can also set your personal timers! You’ve got to feel it, putting off no more!


Try to think of writing a piece and needing to calculate the words manually! Not only will it take up forever, but there is a massive likelihood that you won’t be entirely precise. Making use of an online word counter is the fastest and easiest manner to determine word count of any printed work.

Whether you’re the one composing your website’s content or you just pay a writer to create content for the site, it is great to have a handy word count tool at hand. With these beneficial word count tools, we’re confident you’ll generate the best unique content!


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