HP Photo Smart / Touch Smart Printer – Whats Inside ?

Like We said about the upcoming contest for an HP Photo Smart printer here is complete details of the printer features, software and touch panel. This will convince you how good that printer is and you will love to win it in the contest that is starting tomorrow, November 13th 16:00 IST.

My First Impression:

Printer is absolutely sleek and will not take much space on your table. The black model has an amazing look and the most eye-catching part of this printer is “Only One button” that you will see and that button is the power button. Welcome to age of Touch.

Printer Features:

  • It is very easy to set up the printer. Almost like one click. All you need to do is install the software that comes along with it and then follow the instructions.
  • It is a Photo Smart printer. You can print 4 X 6 inch border less photos in a minute. Before that the software helps you in removing red-eye, add colors, adjust brightness, remove dirt’s, to give you color rich lab quality print. It has even a separate tray for photo paper. Here is a sample of my son’s photograph.

  • There are 5 ink cartridges 2 Black (One thick and one thin) along with Blue, yellow and pink ones.  This helps to print photos with enhanced detail using dual-drop-volume technology that delivers an extremely small drop size.
  • Quick Forms: Print games, music form, Calendar, check list, notebook paper, graph paper using Quick Forms.  These are small utilities which are required many a times.
  • It’s an Energy Star qualified printer. You can also set the sleep mode for the printer to save electricity more.
  • Embedded Web Service which lets you control your printer from the browser. You can even scan start a scan, check printer status etc.

Printer Connectivity

  • It can connect via USB, Bluetooth, WIFI and online photo service like Snapfish which give ability to print without connecting to your computer.
  • From the Snapfish interface on the printer you can share your snapfish albums directly by emailing your contacts right from your printer.
  • I connected this printer using WIFI. It was just one click. All you need is to scan the network, find the signal, give credentials and you are done.
  • Direct Photo printing using Bluetooth, exiting pictures ( scanning ), iPhone, iPod touch, memory cards, USB mass storage device.
  • Print Directly from PictBridge cameras i.e. if your Camera allows you to send print command directly from itself that’s what is PictBridge.
  • My canon camera when connected to printer via USB enabled the Pictbridge mode and I can do all those small trimming, set number of copies and print it right from there. I also tried from my Blackberry by sending an image and it printed nicely ( Using Send to Bluetooth device )

  • The way other devices can connect directly to this printer makes it a computer free printer which is ideal for seamless integration, the way the future gadgets will work.

Printer Software:

  • Print Web Content like tickets, coupons, maps easily with its Smart Web Printing technology. Integrates with browsers with plugins and makes it lot easier to print from web by removing all the extra clutter.
  • Desktop gadgets on Windows Vista, Windows 7 lets you select tray and just drag and drop images for direct printing.
  • The HP Software that comes along with the printer is pretty awesome. The most useful part is the scanner section which is very unique. It locates all the photos separately if you are scanning multiple images together. You can edit each of them individually and save it directly to your computer or even email it.

  • You can also scan documents directly to PDF and email them.

  • The Eco Tips button in HP solution centre can help you learn various ways you can save printer ink, save more paper.

Touch Panel Details

  • Touch Smart screen is bright, very responsive and it knows what you are clicking. Doesn’t mess up with other buttons especially when you are on the keyboard layout.

  • The layout of the touch screen is 3.45 inch with menu buttons available on left and right. These buttons lighten up depending on what kind of options you have selected on the touch screen software display.
  • The touch panel can be tilted back and forth to adjust according to the view.

So that’s  the in and out of the  of the printer. In my opinion this printer is going to take HP to next level where device connectivity will become seems less. You will not need to depend on a computer to print and you will not have to push to many buttons to do that.  They way this Smart Printer connects to devices is very unique. Checkout more images here.

Note : The contest will go live tomorrow. So make sure you get on here to find out anytime after 16:00 IST. Share it with your friends by emailing them. Do let us know your comments on this printer. Thanks.


  1. Hi,

    Wonderful explanation. I just loved it. Specially the black color panel – Wow and the different ways to handle the prints.

    Keeping fingers crossed.

  2. This printer looks awesome with black finish and amazing touch screen. Wireless connectivity with mobile and camera is another great addon for it.

    Just wanna lucky this time.

  3. Thanks Ashish for this cool review! Always a fan of HP products.You have done a great job, by taking effort to bring out some cool features of the printer ! Much Appreciated!

  4. Prefect review, anytime a HP Fan. This Baby has looks with hot features and inspiring. Waiting to hear the result. I would love to win this baby for my home.


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