ICS Mods for Nexus S / 4G You would love to have

After the release of ICS Android 4.0 which comes with a beautiful UI which Android is trying to get unified, Devs have started tweaking that itself in bits and pieces. Been tracking them from sometime and here are few lovely ones you can try on.

Before you jump the bull, make sure to backup your current ROM with whatever recovery system you have and most of these are patches and replaces existing ones, so to restore you need to use the backup ROM. Also for every link I have pointed here, make sure to read the instructions.  I will not be responsible if anything goes wrong.

Transparent Power Control Widget :

This makes the old but gold power widget transparent so it feels like floating. You also have option for 50% transparency mode as option. Download from here

Transparent Power Widget

Status Bar Pull Down Animation :

If you noticed, most of the time when you pull down the status bar, lets say for accessing the settings,  it is mostly blank, SO devs tried to fill this up with animation which includes right from the original boot animation to what not. Download from here

ICS Pull Down Image

Transparent Weather Widget

By default the ICS Widget has a dark background plus art style icon set which is updated here with a new one and transparent background which will match the transparent power control widget. Download from here

Transparent Wether Widget

ICS Alarm Mod :

  • This mod adds two action menus for bulk enabling and disabling alarms
  • It adds a stopwatch which in use will show the controls in the notification bar to start, stop, and lap it.
  • Alarms Text has a drop-down for Desk  Click and Stop Watch.
  • Download and Read more from here

ICS Clock Mod

Transparent Music Widget : 

Does exactly as it says. Download from here, comes in flavor of 50% and 100% transparency.

Transparent Music Widget

Boot Animation

Simple Animation with Android written against a grey background. Download from here  There are seven more in the same page which you can look into and download, all with simple animation but nice work.

ICS Boota Aimation

Enable on-screen buttons in ICS roms :

This mod enables the soft buttons which are exactly same as the hard wired buttons on your Nexus S.  You also have the honeycomb style if you prefer. It is available for ICS, CM 9, Ultimate ICS 2.0 , Alfonso’s ICS and Android Open King Project. This can be useful also when your real buttons stop working!!. Download

Nexus S with On Screen Buttons


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