IE 9 Tweaker makes it easy to change settings in IE 9

IE 9 came out to be sleek and with that few settings changed like the address bar and tabs on the same line. IE 9 Tweaker is a free application which lets you change few settings which are deep into the options like turning on IE in full screen or Private browsing permanently on. Here is the list :

IE9 Tweaker lets you tweak the following settings in Internet Explorer 9:

  • Bring the menu bar back to top and set it visible all the time.
  • InPrivate Filtering can be turned on forever and you can start IE in Full screen.
  • Make 3D borders.
  • Increase or decrease the number of maximum downloads
  • Create your own list of Favorites

IE 9 Tweaker

IE 9 Tweaker Favorites Edit
Download IE 9 Tweaker | Related : Move Stop and Refresh buttons to left in IE 9


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