IE 9 : How to create sections & add more items to Jumplist for Websites

IE 9 Jumplist for Websites are great way to share useful links with the readers. As they are similar to Windows 7 Application Jumplist, the users do not have to learn anything new.

By default IE 9 Jumplist allows you to add 5 only links into the Task category using the metatag msapplication-task. But your requirement might be to add more links to showcase your best posts, or even recent posts or the useful categories of your website.

Before you start reading this simple tutorial, In case you aren’t aware of what is Jumplist In IE for Websites which was introduced in IE 9, read the basic intro and learn simple examples in this post ( Facebook was taken for example ) and get back here again.

Coming back to topic. So by using html meta tags it is not possible to add more items or create section but IE 9 Documentation for Jumplists suggest using a method msSiteModeAddJumpListItem inside a java script and add items inside it using the method msSiteModeAddJumpListItem. This is what I created for my site to test out. I have added few topics on which we write often under a new section Categories.

IE 9 Categories Jumplist for Technospot

Here is the Sample JavaScript you can use. Put this right after the initial meta tag.

How to add more items to Jumplist

  • window.external.msSiteModeCreateJumplist : This creates a new section and appears above Tasks
  • window.external.msSiteModeAddJumpListItem : Take three argument like the meta tag. Name, URL and .ico image url.

Make sure you put this in function like I have done above and call it right after. You can create any number of sections with any number of links in it, though the best practice will be to add only useful links. Below is the final look of all the tags together.

IE 9 Meta Tags for Jumplist


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