iLocker – Perfect online Locker for your text

ilocker is a new innovative way to keep your text safe. It works as a locker for your text. Access the link and there you will get the option to ‘Create a Locker’, clicking on this button takes you immediately to the locker creating process, you get a editor, which has the capacity to save 64,000 characters.

Now just enter the text or paste it from the source if you want, key in the desired password, you can also choose the kind of encryption depending upon the browser you are using later just enter the captcha verification and move ahead. Now just note down the locker number provided, and you are done with the locker creation.

Whenever you feel like opening your locker, just type in your locker number and password, make sure that you don’t loose the locker number or password, as then there is no way through which you can get back any of them.

Later on, you can update or if you wish you can even delete the locker you created.

So this service can be used for saving information to keep them handy, or any links, texts you want to save for your convenience, can also be used as a database for your passwords, as far as none of your info like your name or mail id is required for this service so keeping passwords here is safe enough, I think so, what do you have to say on this, please share.

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