Image Enlarger : Get more details from any picture

When you want to look into the pic further and see what else you can find apart from what you can see, zooming is the only option which we have. However the disadvantage with the traditional zooming tools which comes by default is it distorts and makes the image blurry as you zoom it further more.

Image Enhancer is one tool which helps us out here.  You can select any region with the help of a seek box in square shape and Image enhancer will automatically zoom it on the right side pane.

Image enlarger
Image enlarger

In order to make your experience much better with zooming, it also lets you change the Sharpness, pre sharpen, denoise, flatness and dithering.  The effect of which you can see in the above picture.

Overall this tool is perfect for enlarging. There is no distraction of editing so that you can use the tool only for zooming and concentrate on what you are looking for in the picture.   Download Image Enlarger @ Source forge


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