Image Shack Uploader : Upload and Share Photos from Desktop

We have several Photo sharing services; they all have something unique in them. Here is another method to share your photos; Image Shack Uploader, a small light-weight AIR application which allows you to upload photos to ImageShack, without any sign-up.

It comes with a small installer, i.e. just 1.60Mbs to download, install it, and the uploader appears in front of you, as shown below, you are ready to start sharing photos with ease.

Now simply drag and drop the photo you want to share in this window to get a URL for them, as soon as image is uploaded, the URL is rendered; share it the way you want now.

This is probably the simplest image sharing application I have ever seen, simply Drag and Drop to get the URL for photo, and share it.

I loved using Image Shack Uploader, Give it a try and do share your experiences and views about it.

Download Image Shack Uploader


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