Image Sorter makes finding images easier

As the amount of pictures grow it becomes tougher to find images in huge heap specially when you only remember part of it and finding images by name never works because most of the time we just dont name them, We dump them in folder which might have got a better naming convention 🙂

Image Sorter is one application which is trying to help you find images in much easier way using the special filter of colour, shape and similar image i.e. matching with another image.

Also apart from this it gives you full screen view with a map which usually show up in combat games. This map helps you only when you have a huge number of image and you hate scrolling it.

And along with the quick toolbar on the left you can quickly sort and switch between date, color, size and name.

Overall it makes your search pretty easy and lets you find images which you can visualize a little. However I feel that search by sketch needs to be improved and needs a finer brush to draw. Its too big to draw minute details there. Download Image Sorter


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