Image which can be Zoomed when shared is an online tool for Photo sharing. This simple and easy to use online tool allows you to share your photos in style, i.e. you share your photos as zoomable widgets. For example you have very large photograph and has lot of details inside it. When you share you would like that if the person can zoom different parts of picture and see it.

Have a look at this animation which gives you a clear understanding how pictures are zoomed.

To start using, a sign-up is required, later you can sign-in to your account and start uploading photos.

Once the uploading is done, you can edit the widget (uploaded photo), options to Title, tag, delete and view are available, when done, save it.

Your saved photos are kept safe in a gallery in your account, clicking on the photos in your gallery, you can get the direct URL, embed code, etc. in order to share your photos as zoomable widgets. is fast and easy to use; this stylish photo sharing method is impressive for sure. Give it a try and do share your views about it.



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