iMate keeps both iTunes and iPad / iPhone / iPod in Sync

iTunes though is an excellent interface to manage things but it comes with lot of issues when it comes to syncing and transferring.  The worst part is that its time-consuming.  If you are like me looking for a simple and quick solution, iMate is an excellent solution.

Imate Home Screen

iMate is a Backup / transfer solution from Wondershare which does three things :

  • First, Lets you quickly move files from your computer to your iPad, iPhone and iPod without need of iTunes.
  • Second, it can sync back whatever you have added to your iDevice to iTunes i.e. if you add a music to iPad using iMate you can also add it to your iTunes Library.
  • Third, Lets you create ringtones from a music file from your computer and sync it with iTunes and your device.

This way you have your data backed up in iTunes and on your iDevice without going through the not so simple process of iTunes. The only part left here is syncing your apps which you can do using iTunes.

Below is a video demo where I have shown how you can transfer / backup Music, Books, Photos and create a ringtone from any music file.

If you want to a try out this product, download it from here | Or grab it from their special offers page where iMate is free from March 30th to April 2nd.


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