Immersive Explorer brings Windows 8 Metro Explorer View to Windows 7

We all love to transform our existing Windows OS to something else like a Mac or even Windows 8. So if you are one those guys who love to change experience, here is something new to try for you. Immersive Explorer, a beautiful metrosih application, which gives you Windows 8  Like experience to browse files, folders, view drives and do some simple operations, all in Metro Style on Windows 7.

WPF Explorer for Windows 7 Windows 8

This application works both on Windows 8 and Windows 7. I am sure Windows 8 users might not be interested but this is worth a try because its not just traditional Windows 8 looks but it does more than that. Also its in the first version or in fact a beta, so you can try it and keep track as its get update.

Below are the list of features :

  • Browse File System.
  • The menu is at the bottom of the view. So if you want to see menus for Browse, you need to select browse and so on.
  • Supports Picture Viewing with Zoom in and Zoom out.

In future release i.e it will support the following features :

  • Video Playback.
  • Touch Screen support
  • Allow to edit pictures similar to picture viewer.
  • Basic file system operations like move, copy, delete & rename
  • Support Filter and Sorting.

For developers, this app will go open source at some stage. This is developed using WPF /.net and Win32. You may want to keep an eye on this.

For Users : To run this application, you need to have Windows 7 or Windows 8 with 1GB ram and .Net Framework 4.0. Download from here via Ghacks


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