Importance of Goal Setting in Multi Author Driven Blogs

Goals are statements of what organizations like blogs, sites, or any company intend to accomplish. The day Manav joined this blog, there were many things in my thoughts, and the way of working towards our goal started changing. Now it has become more of teamwork like when people play football, working as a team and working towards an objective.

It was a time when we needed to set goals to attain our objectives. So why is goal setting necessary? Why do we need to keep writing and no questions asked or parameters checked? I will tell you why !!

Importance of Goal Setting

#1 Goals – It Directs the Activities of the Blog

Goals provide a direction for the activities, define a purpose, and set priorities for group action. In simple words, you need to understand the blog’s motive rather than the individual’s goal. If the individual authors know the goal of your blog, they know what is expected from them, and hence they focus more on results and actions to attain them.

#2 Goals – It Acts as a Motivational Factor

Goals are like the efforts you put on to make a great coffee. The aroma and the taste of a coffee make people prepare it. People feel involved if they take part in goal setting process. They will be motivated toward the result ( remember the coffee ) and more committed to the blog.

Now it does not mean the goal of the blog forgets the goal of individuals. Authors must also attain satisfaction, so they can be happy to work for it. So the main goal should help them to attain their goal, or you might not see them anymore.

#3 Goals – It Emphasizes Teamwork

Goals improve the cohesiveness between authors as they are interdependent to achieve them. Not exactly sometimes, but overall. Say, for example, you have three authors who write on Linux, Windows, and Mac. They are altogether different areas, but they know they need to work towards the blog’s motive to make the life of users more productive.

So they can work around together to understand how individual works in their field to write best. What points do they take, how do they approach them, and what is individuals’ way of viewing things? It can create virtual teamwork between authors and work towards a common goal.

#4 Goals – It Encourages Focused Work

If you don’t know what you need to do today, you probably would be doing anything all day without any result. It could be devastating for a blog if the authors don’t know what they had to achieve, and it tends to become more of individual growth in a varied way, with personal conflicts pouring in.

But if they know what they need to achieve, their personal and diverse thoughts are replaced by the blog’s goals. They get more focused on work activities and achievement of the result.

#5 Goals – It Makes the Measure of Progress Clearer

When a goal is set, and everybody works towards it, it’s easy to measure how much you have achieved and even how much an individual has contributed and understood it, which finally gives a clear idea of where your blog is.


The idea is to understand where a blog driven by a team is moving and how much they have understood and achieved. So set your blog goals, set a timeline, and include the author’s interests.


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