In Case of Emergency stores critical personal and medical data on Mobile

When accidents happen there is no way emergency service team can get to know about whom to call or basic information like your blood group unless they do a test or lucky enough to get in touch with your relatives.

In Case of Emergency is a Blackberry Mobile app which stores critical personal and medical data: your name, who to contact, important notification telephone numbers, blood type, allergies, your physician’s name and number, the medicines you take, existing medical conditions – even the name of your health insurer, so you get the medical attention at the earliest.

I am not sure if this app is avilble for all the mobiles but its there for Blackberry so don’t miss out it. The best place to have this app is on your home screen and since it has a red plus it will catch the attention. Check out In Case of Emergency (ICE)! You can find it at App World


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