In case you are using Free Sms Sites for Tv Contest

In an interesting conversation with one of our readers Mr Chandrakumar he pointed on an important aspect on our post on Free Sms services in India. Here is what he said to me

” Sometime back I had received another tips from technospot regarding the ‘Free SMS’. I received it at a time when all the local TV channels were encouraging people to take part in a contest through SMS. The tip I received from you, I thought, would enable me to take part in the contest free of charge. However, I decided to read their conditions before registering the Free Service Provider. To my surprise, I noticed that there were many conditions enabling the telephone companies to charge for the SMS if the message is in connection with any commercial purpose.

Normally, one would not bother to read all those pages of conditions before accepting it. I started to read it only out of curiosity. But my finding was terrible.”

From 160by2

It is important to understand that 160by2 offers free SMS services to its Users so that they can send personal SMS messages to their known persons. It is vital to realize that communication should be between known persons. You may not use the 160by2 products and/or services to sell a product or service, or to increase traffic to your business for commercial reasons, such as advertising sales

Its is important to understand that these services are free to use if you are using it for personal messages but not for other services which charges and are not like normal sms. I hope we understand in order to avoid unnecessary charges. On our part we will be more careful to include such information in posts like this.

Thanks to Mr Chandrakumar, who has 2 blogs one is for the ‘CONSUMER’, dealing mainly with Right to Information and Consumer Protection Act and matters connected with it. The other blog describes the various ways in which public money is wasted, looted and spent by various officials causing loss to the public. He is a senior guy and the effort he is making even at this stage is really great. Even his article has reached news papers and TV channels.


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