Inception App for iPad, iPhone and iPod

I could have never thought that there can be an app for Inception also, but there is and the best part of this app it picks the sound from your surroundings and mixes with the Inception soundtrack composed by Hans Zimmer. So best experience is when you use it with your earphones.

Download Inception App for iPad, iPhone and iPod

Download Inception App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod

Types of Dream :

  • Quiet Dream: You need to be at a tranquil place to induce this, and you need to stay still. This dream must be using the microphone to sense.
  • Action Dream: When you walk or move your iDevice a lot.  And the best part is that the music changes with what you do. Its like you move ahead in the dream.
  • Traveling Dream: This comes when you are on moves like in car or bus. Must be using the geolocation.
  • Sunshine Dream: For this, you need to get out on Sun and Stay still. Can track brightness?
  • Limbo: Getting into too many dreams. Get ready to stay forever when you get into the fourth dream in a row.
  • Still Dream: Get into this dream by staying again in a noisy place.
  • Sleep Dream: Strictly After 11 PM, and you need to be in a quiet place. It picks up the sound around you and creates sound effects based on that.
  • Reverie Dream: First dream that gets induced.

Find more about the dreams here.

Once you get into a dream, it uses your current location and adds a picture to the dream-maze. You can figure out where you had that dream last time. I am not sure how exactly this location stuff works, but this is my guess.

Inception Dream with Location Snapshot

To completely understand this app, you need to use it and use it everywhere for a day. Download From iTunes.

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  1. the tile above the reverie dream is africa 😉

  2. its get stucked in the part that says inducing … dream.
    can anybody help me???

  3. News for everyone using Inception The App on iPhone3G or iPod Touch 2G:
    Inception the app iPhone3g Edition coming soon.
    For more information check out:

  4. I used this app but for some reason I cant unlock anymore dreams! And why would they put one for Africa? IM NOVER GUNA LEAVE THE STATE!!!

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