LimeWire Tweak – Increase LimeWire Download Speed

LimeWire is another alternate P2P client like uTorrent which can be used to download files from your friends or from other users who are connected to  internet. While download speed is always limited by your internet connection and how much ISP blocks but there are few configurations you can try to increase LimeWire Download Speed.

Go to Tools > Options > Advanced

Disable UltraPeer Capabilities:

LimeWire can make your computer act as UltraPeer, which means you act as hub for other computers. This does not increase the performance for sure. So If your internet connection is slow or if you do not want to act as UltraPeer, unselect this option under the Performance section.

There are two more options which you can deselect.

  • Mojito DHT which is similar to UltraPeer
  • TLS to reduce load on your CPU. This is important if you experience slow computer performance after starting LimeWire.

Ultra Peer LimeWire

Switch to Faster Network :

LimeWire allows you to switch network interface i.e. if you are connected to two different network and one provides faster connection than other. Under Advanced  > Network Interface you can select.

LimeWire Switch Network Interface

If you connect to a network after starting LimeWire, it is not recognized until you restart it again.

Note : If you find your DNS to be an issue, you can try using DNS Switcher

Port Forward :

Make sure you have Port Forwarded to make LimeWire work on dedicated port. Sometimes ports are blocked by ISP’s. In that case you will need to change the port number. If you find it difficult Simple Port Forwarding software can help you doing this.

Add LimeWire an exception in FireWall :

Though you will be asked but if not, make sure you have allowed LimeWire to pass through your Firewall. Read more on how to create Firewall rules in Windows. This is written for Windows Vista but works in the same way in Windows 7 also.

There are few more ways of increasing the speed which I am testing out with LimeWire and will update the post again. Make sure you bookmark this post to check back again.

Ultra Peer LimeWire


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