Increase productivity with Better Gmail Extension

Better Gmail is a Firefox extension that makes your Gmail Experience much faster and smoother. Features like adding saved searches, attachment icons, label colors, keyboard macros, a filter assistant, and right-click conversation preview will make sure you get to know much more details of your mails even before you open it.

Written by Lifehacker editor Gina Trapani, the extension is basically a collection of her favorite Greasemonkey scripts. You will need Firefox to use it.

Here is the list of features:

  1. Force Encrypted Gmail connection for better security
  2. Attachment reminder.
  3. Now you can have a forward thread also like the one you have for replies.
  4. Attachment as Icons. This one is cool. It’s difficult to guess what kind of attachment you get, but you will show icons like a word doc or media player icons with this.
  5. Message Preview. Now you can read the message before you even open it. Just right-click on it, and it will give you a small show-up. You can delete, archive, or leave it unread.
  6. Color labels with Gmail and Filter assistant.
  7. Add links to the sidebar like Google reader links, saved searches, or even contacts.

All seems awesome, and hey, did I forgot to mention Skins, Yup it gives some cool skins to Gmail also.Air and Mac are my favorites

Note: There is one small flaw in the mail preview. It shows the preview of mail, which is 3 down the list. Here is a snapshot.

Update: This problem is seen in Air skin, works well on mac skin. Here are some snapshots to let you know more.


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