How to Read Faster: Ways to Increase Your Reading Speed

If you are going through documents for work or perusing an ebook, reading the latest blog posts, you are likely to do some reading each day. Please read it with speed, complete focus, and intention. But then how? This post looks at ways to increase your reading speed with complete understanding.

The Problem

Navigating through long passages of written text is tiring, time-consuming, mentally exhausting, and challenging in your eyes. If you want to learn how to read more quickly, start by breaking out bad habits, then you can try new ways to improve the efficiency of your reading and retention of information. It’s not just a way to enhance your ‘words per minute’ but helps you gain confidence and live with more intention.

Ways To Increase Your Reading Speed

What Do You Mean by Speed Reading?

Speed reading is the art of quickly recognizing and comprehending phrases or paragraphs on a page at once instead of recognizing specific words.

The volume of data we handle increases every day, be it reports, emails, and even websites at work or books, social media, and magazines at home.

People read at 250-300 words per minute, although some naturally read faster than others. However, the capacity to read faster could result in you reading at a double speed rate.

Instead, try these suggestions to help you read faster and maintain your reading comprehension without having to slack on understanding:

How to Read Faster: Ways to Increase Your Reading Speed

Control On Inner Monologue

The inner monologue of a person or subvocalization is a ubiquitous feature among readers. It is the method of speaking the words in your head as you read, which is the biggest obstacle in increasing your reading speed. If you hear voices in your mind when you’re reading, don’t fret. As long as it is your voice, reading along with you, you’re fine.

When you were taught initially to read, you were told to sound out everything and read aloud. Once you are proficient at reading, you can start saying the words in your head. It is how the habit originated, and most people continue reading this way. It does not adversely affect them until they start to read at a faster pace. If you seek to increase your reading speed, this is the most important thing you must learn to overcome.

It’s not easy to comprehend what you’re reading unless you use the inner voice. Therefore, reading faster is using the inner voice more quickly and not eliminating it.

Chunking Of Words

This technique involves reading a bunch of words and is the key to reading faster. It allows you to recognize natural breaks, such as small sentences or word groups, and then focus on the smaller parts to understand them as a single information element. These reading tips are interconnected; however, word-chunking is the most effective tool you can utilize when working to speed up your reading.

One can absorb multiple words simultaneously even though we’re taught to read every word and never skip a single word. Try to read three words in a single glance. Keep reading by doing this, keeping track of the speed you can complete the entire page. It is still possible to comprehend and process the information you read, but you take less time to process it.

Don’t Re-Read The Words

You have to make sure to stop re-reading the words of the content you are reading. You will see the average person’s eyes jump around as they read. They don’t flow as smoothly back and forth as they should. It is because most people tend to re-read words they’ve already read, something that most people do without realizing. It can make it challenging to read faster.

You can use your bookmark or finger to help you navigate. Your finger should be moving back and forth across each page without stopping. As your finger moves down the text, it keeps track of words.

Peripheral Vision Usage

It is essential to use peripheral vision. The above techniques can be used to observe and understand multiple words together. Instead of reading a series of words in small chunks, read one line at a time. It will allow you to scan the page, and you’ll find that you understand the text, but it was easy to read.

Using Timer

Now it’s time to try it out and discover ways to improve your reading speed each time you are reading. Set a timer for one minute and usually read as the time decreases. When you have set the timer, note down how many pages you’ve already read. Continue to do this, striving to beat your prior reading record every time.

Set Your Goal

Being accountable to yourself will help you stay on track with your set reading and timer tests. Set yourself a plan for the number of pages you will read every week, day, etc. Be sure to adhere to it.

Read More Read Fast

The more you read, the faster you will be able to master speed reading. The more proficient you are at reading, the sooner you will improve your reading speed.

Think about what you have read when you reach the end. It would be best if you had not gone back to the beginning and still remember what you read.

Using Marker

If your eyes are moving around the page while you read, put an index card under every line and then slide it in while you read. It will help you remain in one place at a time and not shift your eyes around and read nothing.

Improve Your Vocabulary

Improvement of vocabulary may seem obvious, but it’s vital. If you focus on improving your vocabulary, you’ll be able to comprehend more terms. The more words that you include in your vocabulary, the more quickly you can read. The faster your reading speed, the better you’ll be able to read.

First Scan Then Skim The Key Points

Scanning is an efficient method to discover specific information in an article without reading every word. It’s one of the essential skills to learn to read more quickly.

On the other hand, skimming is a method that involves visual scanning the page’s text to find clues to the central concept. But, just skimming could affect understanding. The most important thing is to find the best combination of scanning and skimming, with skimming helping the scanning.

If you’re under deadline and have to finish reading something in a specific timeframe, you must read the essential details. Take a look at the table of content and subtitles, captions under the diagrams, etc. Get an overall feel for the content you are reading. Then, read the first paragraph for each significant section. Then, read the last. Then, read the middle one. Then, think about it in your mind, then put it all together.

Now, you can begin reading your other books while using the strategies we already described. You will be able to retain information more effectively and also read faster.

Final Thoughts

In today’s world, knowledge is the real currency. Information is increasing in volume every minute, whether emails, reports, books, or websites. Speed reading and comprehension are two of the essential skills in the knowledge economy. These are the vital skills you can develop to help your professional and mental growth.

These actionable and straightforward techniques will allow you to read faster and reduce the time spent reading and digesting information.


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