Increase your reading speed with Spreeder

When it comes to reading there are two aspects of it, How fast you can read it and how much you can understand it when you read. Now when you try to combine both one of them falls i.e. Either you can read fast and understand nothing at end or Understand everything but take the day for it. None of which is good.

Spreeder helps you out by allowing you to progressively increase your reading speed so you get into habit of speed read by slowly increasing the speed as you understand it. So at any time you feel  you can decrease the speed and then start from there.

All you need is just copy paste the text in this online application and then start it. Any time you feel like it’s too fast for you just click on settings and change WPM or words per minute setting for yourself and restart it. Integrated with Keyboard shortcuts, makes the access even faster.

You can increase the number of words displayed to more than one which would help you in forming the words to understand better. Check out Spreeder

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