Inside BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0

BlackBerry Recently released 6.0 version of its Desktop Software which one first look is sleek, beautiful and looks like recreated from scratch.  Though this version is majorly to support the upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS which is also supported for the brand new BlackBerry Torch 9800 and Curve which has new 3G coming along ( I am going to miss it as I don’t have 3G in my curve ).

Some features you will love :

  • As soon as you connect your phone for the first time, you can create email accounts right from the desktop. This is very useful for new users.
  • The Dashboard displays full information of the last device or current device connected which also includes the OS version on your phone and Sync / Backup status.

BB Desktop Dashboard

  • It has complete integration with Windows 7 Libraries. The media is properly backed in Video, Picture etc.
  • Now it is possible to remotely set up music downloads from your desktop library. It’s like you can request for download when you are on move and get it synced when you connect to your computer. This way you dont keep forgetting all the time. Read more about media feature here

BB Wifi Music Sync

  • Migrating to a new blackberry is easier now. The new feature is called as Switch Device which helps you in transferring all third-party applications and data on your phone to new device.

Switch to new BB phone

  • The Calendar integration actually works now. This is the first time I did not get any error when selecting calendar with Outlook. I am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 and it completely works with it which is even confirmed in of their posts.

BB Calendar Integration

  • Managing installed application is easy now. Contrary to earlier version, Now you can install, uninstall apps with lesser clicks.  Also finding information about modules and dependencies are lot easier now.

BB Apps management

I would recommend you to keep following the posts which come on BlackBerry Official Blog for more details which is truly the best source.