Instant upload to flickr with location tags : ZoneTag

Zone Tag Photos allows you to upload images from Nokia and Motorola supported camera phones to flickr with smart way of tagging. Smart way in the sense, it can suggest you tags according to your location. Zone Tag application can find out your exact location from the cell tower ID that can be translated to City name or even zip codes.

As the world is moving more towards mobiles, more and more applications are coming to provide and online quick solution of online demand. Image Tagging is one of them. This will not only make people free from worrying about space but also make it easier to remember about it when you look on it after 10 yrs and say ” Hey We were so young at that time ”

Zone Tagging by Mobile
Zone Tagging by Mobile

How ZoneTag Works ?

The basics of any photo tagging is Contextual Data attached to phone which can be in terms of name of the image also. Its called as Meta Data of your image. Meta data is nothing but information about information!!!.

ZoneTag uploads your camera phone to photos to Flickr automatically adding location tags such as place name or it can suggest you for more depending on the conditions and your settings. It can derive suggestion from your already used tags, your contact’s photos and other photos too. It can even suggest you tags used by other people from the same location.

The complete power of zone tag is “For photos taken on weekdays, it can suggest you work related tags, if you are near a British palace picture , i can suggest “Changing of guards ” or “Buckingham Palace”, thats smart.

How to use ZoneTag ?

Its simple process , all you need to do is go to ZoneTag and follow these simple steps, You might need to check if the your phones are supported or not The installation consists of the following steps:

  1. Register with ZoneTag
  2. Authorize ZoneTag to post to your Flickr account.
  3. Download ZoneTag to your mobile phone.
  4. Enter your authorization code into the phone.
  5. Set your ZoneTag preferences (Optional)

Check out the FAQ section to get a complete understanding of it. Its Simple


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