Instantly create amazing status message to use in Chats and Social Networking sites

A nice status message on Chat and Social Networking sites is a great way to communicate and start conversations. People often tend to choose some very amazing status messages. Here is a great way to get some really amazing Status Messages.

Generatus allows you to get Status Messages very easily, all you need to do is write your name, select a tag from the ‘Tag Cloud’ and select ‘Boy’ or ‘Girl’, and finally click on the ‘Generate’ button and keep clicking it until you don’t find an appealing Status Message. Once you found a message which suits you, simple copy and use it wherever you want.

Generate amazing Status Message to use on Chat and Social Networking Sites

I love the punchline here which reads “Ideal for the imaginatively challenged”, great, isn’t it? So, go ahead and try Generatus, and enjoy being in lime light for some awesome Status Messages. Try Generatus.


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