Instantly find out who is not following you back on Twitter

We all know our followers count on Twitter, ever wanted to know how many people follow you back on Twitter (i.e. how many people follow you back, out of the people you follow)? There is a way to do so, by visiting the profile of each person you follow, but here is an online utility, which can do that in just one click, ‘Friend or Follow’ allows you to find the people and the count as well who don’t follow you back on Twitter.

A simple user interface, simply asks for a Twitter handle.

Find people who dont follow you back on Twitter

Later it presents the whole report as shown below.

Get to know your Twitter followers, friends, and your following in detail F or F

It doesn’t only tell you about people who aren’t following you back, but also you can know about people who are following you but you aren’t following them, also the people who re friends i.e. who follow you and you too follow them back. Also you can download all this in CSV format, if you want.

‘Friend or Follow’ is a great tool, though personally speaking, I don’t see any specific requirement of this, but it’s definitely fun to know who follows you and all such stuff, isn’t it? So go ahead and try ‘Friend or Follow’

Try Friend or Follow


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