Intel’s Quad Processor Analysis Series

Intel caps off a turnaround year on Tuesday with the introduction of its first quad-core processors, this ushers in another new era of  computing. The capabilities of quad-core microprocessors will bring new possibilities for science, entertainment and business. I had been waiting for something like this since Intel’s introduction of HyperThread Processors, which makes processor think that it has two processors.

That made many of people think if they can simulate two why not four. Well here we are “first quad-core processors” series, four “computing brains” inside a single microprocessor enabling it to multitask more effectively. I am going to do  a Tri post series for a complete analysis to review the complete story. The post has been divided in 3 parts keeping in mind the vastness of this topic. The series will be as following:

The Triad series:-

Introducing – The Quad Core

On this Tuesday, Intel rolled out four processors core for servers under the Xeon 5300 branding, and another processor under the Core 2 Extreme series aimed at hardcore computer gamers, programmers and other people with heavy-duty computing needs, beating rival Advanced Micro Devices to the punch by several months.

The prior version of Intel’s Processor nicked as dual core’, launched last year, uses two microprocessors to perform tasks at the same time, quad-core doubles the equation, thus further increasing computer processing speeds and energy savings. In the company’s words, the technology simulates four “computing brains” inside a single microprocessor enabling Operating systems to divide the task among into four different processes.

Why Do we need Quad Core ? Is it really necessary ?

The answer could be no for an average consumer who is typically doing one thing at a time but, when applying it to business servers where the major requirement is to run multiple sessions of  different applications then those quads will pay a high performance.

Thinking of that, one of the major problem an internet surfer face is when one wants to run multiple tasks. As of now when a user opens a browser and then runs a background process like Aniti Virus update or Desktop Search Index, everything goes slow.

PCs from Dell, Gateway, Velocity Micro and others with the new Core 2 Extreme QX6700 processor should also start to appear in time for the holiday shopping season. That chip is beyond the needs of most PC users, and it generally falls outside their budgets as well, at a price of $999.

However,  certain PC enthusiasts are always excited about the prospect of having the fastest PC processor on earth for a short time, which Intel’s QX6700 will be until AMD releases a competing chip.

Intel, which is locked in a fierce battle for market share with smaller rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc.(AMD), had originally promised the quad-core chips for mid-2007, but earlier this year announced it was ramping up production, beating Sunnyvale-based AMD to market by several months.

Here, is the Current Market Rates for the Quads :


Aiming at the high-end market,  introduction of the Quad-Core Xeon 5300 and Intel Core 2 Extreme quad-core processor families for general purpose servers and workstations, digital media creation, the high-end gaming and other market segments.

The company said the Xeon 5300 series servers deliver up to 50 percent faster performance at the same cost as the previous generation Dual-Core Intel Xeon processor 5100 series. This series was launched less than five months ago.

Gamers Paradise

For the Gamers its going to a paradise as it couples leading Intel processors with support for cutting-edge ATI RADEON x1950 and x1900 CrossFire Edition Graphics. Now that is something really cool.

Intel had been really working hard to set itself again in the market as being give a tough competition from AMD which not only provides higher performance but also at the same price as Intel even cheaper. I had seen this fact standing as taken report from one of the local vendors at my graduation place who sold three folds of AMD processors than Intel.

“We’re back -we’re running hard and setting the pace for the entire industry,” said Pat Gelsinger, Intel’s senior vice president. As per the current market scenario, the race for the quad-core chip, currently amounts to little more than a battle for bragging rights as most of the software used on a desktop computer hasn’t adapted to the design of the quads and mainstream adaptation will take as long as one year.

As far my analysis says its just manufacturers saying “I have gotten the best processor in the market to sell”. Adapting to the underlying design and software to built upon it will take time. If you have any comment or corrections regarding the topic feel free to suggest and participate in the analysis.