iPad 2 : Will you upgrade or wait for iPad 3

Apple launched iPad 2 yesterday which came out with some new features like its thinner ( 1/3 of the current iPad ), uses a dual core processor, has two camera making Face Time possible on iPad and the best part is that it costs the same as the first iPad. You can check out more details at the Official iPad Page on Apple.  Below is the apple official video of the launch ( One hour straight so grab your pillow and watch it easy ).

Now coming back to topic, Many of us including me do have an iPad already and its tough time to decide if I should go and buy iPad 2 now. Bradly speaking iPad 2 is not new but is more of hardware upgrade and soon we will apps rolling out which used the new features like camera, HDMI support and so on. So chances are there will be less percentage of apps that will not work with first generation of iPad.

iPad 2 Facetime

I used iPad majorly to find all new apps which can help to increase productivity and find all new things which is possible for this tablet, be it the regular apps or the games. So my view is to wait and see how the App Market reacts to iPad 2 and how much I am left behind without iPad 1 and if it’s fine, I will go for iPad 3 which I am predicting will be totally new. Whats your thought on this ?

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