iPad app teaches how to make Paper plane at Home for your kids

I remember that every time I had tried to make a paper plane at home for my son, Anant, it did not work out. It’s not like I do not know but probably I don’t remember the steps right but I am not worried about that now because there is an app for that.

Paper Plan Project is an iPad app which can teach anybody, even your kid, how to make a paper plane and not just one but 9 of them. What I loved about this app was the approach, apart from telling the steps it also includes video tutorial for each step which really makes learning fun.The types of paper plane you can make :

  • Bomber
  • Conforb
  • Interceptor
  • Mosquito
  • Hawker
  • and Stinger.

Paper Plane making project

Plane making Steps


Below is a video demo of how this app works: ( Direct YouTube Link )

Download Paper Plane Project from iTunes ( Free )

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