iPad BlackBerry bluetooth pairing issue. Do you know a fix ?

I had been trying to connect my BlackBerry 8520 with iPad which I got recently but for some reason its not getting connected to each other even though I can see my iPad is listed as the paired device in the Blackberry Bluetooth List. I followed the standard steps to connect like searching, adding and then code verification on both the device. Infact I have also tried search and listen both. Below I am mentioning the symptoms of the bluetooth pairing issues with iPad and BlackBerry. Let me know if you have a fix.

  • I can pair the devices but in BlackBerry Bluetooth symbol doesnt change to symbol which shows a connected device.
  • iPad wasnt able to search my BlackBerry Phone Bluetooth. I added iPad from Blackberry.
  • iPad successfully added the BlackBerry Mobile in the list but always displays as disconnected.
  • When I click on my Blackberry listing in iPad Bluetooth Device list nothing happens.
  • I had tried this before iOS 4.2.1 upgrade and after that but it seems the issues did not get resolve.
  • However I was able to connect my Bluetooth Enabled Headset with iPad and listen to songs easily.
  • I tried connecting to other Mobile handset like Samsung Monte but it still did not work. Same problems

My conclusion is that for some reason iPad still doesn’t allow to connect to mobile devices possibly because of File Transfer issues which even if it works will be limited to Image transfer since it shows the Photo Albums when I connect to my computer.

I expected that iOS 4.2.1 will fix BlackBerry iPad Bluetooth issues but seems we need to wait for another version or may be it will not come at all. Let me know if you were able to fix it.

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  1. Blame Apple for this. iPad and iPod Touch only supports A2DP and AVRC BT profiles only. So, HSP and HFP will not work.

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