iPad Screen like Windows Application Launcher ( Video )

Launch Pad is a Windows Application Launcher which mimics what iPad Looks like when set of apps are arranged on its screen. This launcher stays over top of everything, even your desktop, displaying  set of 60 Apps that can be configured on it.

iPad Screen Like Launcher

Once you have downloaded the application from here using the download link, unzip and launch the application using admin privilege. For first time I got a exception when it still worked and second time this error did not show up.

How to use this application launcher ?

Adding an Application :

First view you will see bunch of place holders and a iPad / iPhone like Home Button. Click on any of the place holders and model window will show up asking for an Image File, which can be a PNG or ICO file, and path to the executable. Both can browsed and selected.

Once you do that, the icon gets displayed and when you click the application will launch. In case you do not give or give  wrong image, it will display a cross for that.

Also I found the time of response between mouse click and the place holder model window a bit slow when you add it for the first time. However once added the application launch is smooth.

Add an application using the LaunchPad Application Launcher for Windows

Using the Lock :

The complete desktop can be locked using the home screen button at the bottom. For the first time you need to add a password and next time when you hit the home button, it will clock and display the lock image. Clicking on the image will ask for password. This lock also makes sure all your keyboard input is blocked until you enter a right password.

However mouse works and task bar can be see. I was able to bring in front the already open window using the mouse but no further action was possible. Probably this is a flaw.

Video Demo :

Direct link to Video

Overall this is a great alternative to the traditional launcher and an excellent idea. I really wish somebody creates a Windows Phone like Launcher also. Thanks Blogsolute


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