iPad Tip : How to close apps running in background

iPad with iOS 4.2 has capability of running process in background or call it simply multitasking ability. The disadvantage of this feature is that there will be apps running in background consuming battery life of iPad and your bandwidth. Well its not Windows or Mac that you can just get to see it right there so follow the steps below :

  • Click the menu button twice i.e. round button on iPad
  • This will push the dock up and you will see all the background applications right there.
  • Next keep any of the icon pressed for few seconds and you will see them dancing again but with a Red Minus sign on their top.
  • Click on it and the application will close.

iPad close Background Applications

I really wish there was a cross icon somewhere to close application when I want as this is a bit of step.


  1. My background apps are no longer down below, they are out to the right… still all running in the background.

    No matter what I have tried, I cannot get them to close! any suggestions?


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