iPad Tip : How to lock screen orientation in iOS 4.2

iOS 4.2 has turned the lock screen button into a mute screen button so the very obvious question is how do you lock your screen orientation now ? Funny but Apple had this feature hidden in back of all the background applications. Didn’t get it ? Lets see it step by step :

  • Click the menu button / Home button twice to bring all the applications running in background.
  • Now slide the dock which displays all the running app to right.
  • Now what you will see is the Music Control or the iPod Controls here.
  • And right on the left corner you will see a lock icon, There you got the lock icon which locks down the screen orientation of the iPad.

Lock iPad Screen orientation

Though I hate it but there is no option to turn the mute lock into a screen orientation lock as of now. Hopefully if you jailbreak and if there is an app to reverse this hardware function it will work again.


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