iPad Tip : How to move apps into folders which is on different screen

iOS 4.2 has brought folder creation support for iPad which allows you to have maximum of 20 apps in any folder. Now the biggest drawback of moving apps into a folder is when both are on different screen or desktop. I don’t see any option as of now which can either let me drag an app and move to next screen and drop it into a folder I want. I tried dragging and bumping so screen changes, doesn’t work.

So here is what I did and there are two ways of doing it.

Use the dock on iPad as a container to hold your folder and then switch screen to drag and drop the apps into the folder or keep dropping the apps on the dock and then finally get to the screen which has your folder to drop all of them. The former is better as there is a limitation on number of apps you can have on the dock.

Now if that was bit fast track for you below is more detailed view.

  • Keep an app pressed till all the app icons start dancing. Yup Loved that.
  • Now drag to another app icon and you will a pop up which will have a name already for the folder and you can edit. The icon over which you dropped will be available in the folder.

Create Folder in iPad

  • Now done that, drag this folder to the iPad Dock and let it settle down.

iPad Move folder to dock

  • Now start switching to next screen and find apps which you want to drop into this folder.
  • Drag and drop the apps into this folder and next again switch screen.

iPad Drag and Drop the App to folder

  • Once done all you need is click the menu button once. The apps will stop dancing. 🙂

This should work with all the iOS 4.2 running devices, hopefully.  Now if you don’t like this way, connect iPad to your computer and try doing it the hard way, use iTunes 😛


  1. thank you sooo much for the tips about moving icons around on the iPad!! I have spent so much time trying to do it as they say and it only works about twenty percent of the time. Dragging folders and icons to the tray is a great solution. Thanks!


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