Is Bing Experimenting by turning off Search Vertical for some keywords

While making a search using Bing, I saw the sidebar or the search vertical disappearing couple of times. I am not sure on which factors this is happening but my guesses are :

  • Keywords which don’t have lot of options the sidebar is not shown.
  • It also depend on which country you are in.

PS: Click on the image to see bigger view

Sample 1 :

For keyword Windows 7 personalization, Sidebar was not displayed for India but was for US.

Bing India Search

Bing US search

Sample 2: Local Search

When I search for my name “Ashish Mohta” the sidebar was gone again but when i selected Bing for US, it was shown again for me. Not sure but for some reason, my name has more importance in India and hence no other option was shown.

Ashish search local
Bing Ashish International

What do you think ?


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