Is Yahoo Chat Listening

Yahoo Chat rooms had been famous for years for having filled with 80% of bots beating out the human population there. Soon they came up with not so good idea of setting up a capthca check when a users request to join the chat rooms. Well it served for a while but then again it was seen by many users that bots are still able to access to free yahoo chat rooms or as we say free online yahoo chat. I got this first comment telling me about bots access to chat rooms

LC |

bots can still go in. that verification thing is useless.

The worst scenarios of Capthca Checks are:

Yahoo Chat Captcha

  • Every time you change rooms you have to do a captcha check. Now that’s really stupid , would you use gmail if you have to signing every time ?
  • Users are not able to login to chat rooms even if they verify capthca correctly. Here are some messages which I received as comments on my Yahoo Captcha posts and I still get it.
  • Bots are everywhere in chat rooms now

prince |

when I say I can’t get through, I mean if I get to the chatroom
and I click on the link ,to get to the security check, nothing happen
so I can not enter the chatroom

Fedup with Verification |

this code verification is an useless thing especially for people like me who frequently change chat rooms.first of all when we click the verification link it takes atleast 5 seconds for the browser to open the link[sometimes when the processor is busy the screen freezes].

when U don’t type the code within 5 minutes or something U are not taken to chat room,instead it gives some error message when U try to verify it after 5 minutes

This is an irritating process indeed.Yahoo really needs to find a way to control the bots on the server side not on the user side.Give the users the liberty to chat without interruptions[Bots R even better than this verification process which always interrupts]

geraldine c domingo |

today yahoo is too hard to enter chat rooms what’s happening? hope U could fix the crap…even how many times I click the captcha.cha on the screen it wont really work,i could not really enter its getting hard for us

I would like to ask the yahoo messenger blog :

Do you have a solution for all these problems users are facing ? I know you are aware of it but we would like to hear from you if you are doing something ? Is yahoo chat room going to be just for bots or Humans will get an entry . We all hope to hear from you


  1. I don’t have any problems bringing up the captcha at first. If the ONE chat room I go to is full, I don’t want to go to another room. I picked that room because I know the people there and I am comfortable in that room. After retrying to join the same room about 50 times, the captcha window suddenly becomes unavailable error 999. Even when I shut down messenger and restart it the captcha box that shows in the chat window shows up. Then when I type in the correct letters and words chat just locks up. If I wait long enough it tells me that my request to enter chat has timed out. Please try again later.
    Yahoo is AFRAID apparently of real users due to the lawsuits revolving around the reasons they removed user created rooms. I can guarantee as a regular person to one specific user created room that we had no predators or such using our room. It was created under adult chat just to encourage children to stay away. And our room as a collective single group of people would refuse to acknowledge childrens presence if we even suspected someone being too young.
    It now appears to be yahoos motive to remove user friendly applications and services and only cater to automated programs that can seemingly synchronize algorhithms with yahoos captcha contract. Yes I realize captcha is a third party service site. Yahoo corporate headquarters must have the belief that humans would be better off if machines ran everything. If the real estate market would practice overly strict policies such as yahoo the real estate market would have probably never crashed and created the chain reaction that left us in the economical downturn we are in.
    It seems yahoo corp needs to sell houses and real estate agents need to run public community programs and internet social applications.

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