Its Hidden: VPN based anonymous torrents to download anything

Using torrents had always been on top “focused” activity for any Internet user. After all, everybody wants to download stuff faster. Torrents had been the best solution for that. However, there had been cases where ISP has blocked torrents and trackers if they do suspect your Internet account. Today we are talking about Its Hidden, a VPN anonymous torrents service. It allows you to download torrents anonymously.

VPN anonymous torrents

Its Hidden: VPN based Anonymous Torrents

Previously we had talked about Torrent Privacy, which allows you to download using encryption and Dynamic IP, enabling you to skip getting tracked. Now we have Its Hidden, which will allow you to connect to their servers with 128-bit encryption and use torrents without getting tracked.

VPN anonymous torrents

What I found best was the way you connect with this VPN. It is like connecting to any other network allowing you to be off the radar and still get your stuff.  When you join, it creates private internet traffic and keeps off all third party who snoop in for activities like these.

One of the major highlights of this VPN service is that you dont need to download any software. All you need to use Windows Network and connect to one of the VPN servers, and you are done. They dont keep logs and lets you surf the internet without being monitored.

You can also use the Torrent verification tool and Torrent Previewer for safe and avoid misleading downloads. They make sure that you are not fooled by fake torrents, by getting a preview of the files before downloading.

Which torrent service are you using? Do you download torrent files from family and friends using a private torrent? Let us know in the comments.

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