Its time to find right balance between Online and Real World

If not us but our Parents did see it coming  and they said getting too much into technology is not good at least not in long run. What did they exactly mean ? They always intended towards the right balance between things.

New York Times published an article few days back which I have read like 4 to 5 times analyzing things and how much true it is and trust me if you are kind of person who stays online all the time be it through messenger, mobile or computer and your family is asking to switch off them, you should read this article.

Brain in Computer

Lets get back to Old time when communication wasnt that fast, when we knew that only time to work is when we get into office and waited for that clock to strike 5:30. What we did after that ?  Get back home, stay with family, watch tv, go out and hang out with friends.

Get Fast Forward and We find ourself surrounded by gadgets, technology, phone, mobile and 100’s of Online sites where we update what we are doing. Now that’s the latest craze, tell people what you do and here is a typical scenario I am describing below :

  • Get up in morning, grab the phone  and Say Good Morning to the world. but Did you say Good Morning to your Family ?
  • Get on your Computer and start checking mail and replying to all the important mails but did you had time to reply to the problem your son asked last night ?
  • Start for work > Got into Bus > Reached destination > Into the Office > Computer on . You updated all that status online right ? But did you notice the new store on the way ? Did you notice the real world ? No not at all because you were busy reading the status update from other friends!!
  • And the day goes on, you get back home but stay online. Reading status and talking to digital friends but did you know that you need to do some household work too ?

And what happens when your mobile is out of charge ? We start missing. Missing the Online Stuff, Missing the status updates, wondering if there was a new phone launched ? That’s natural because we have gone into them too much if not completely.

At the same time we are completely distracted of what we do in real life. Talking to Real people, spending time with family and enjoying the moments. I am sure you don’t want to get surprised when your wife says “That its time we need to find a good school for our kid ” and you are like when he did grew up that big . Hah nobody updated you online right !!!

No doubt the amount of knowledge we get staying online is worth but if its taking away your attention from your personal and family life its time you need to reconsider.  Its time we need to find the right balance between the Online and Real World because both are equally important and there is no survival without both of them. Do it now and do it today.!!


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