How to find if Email, Cure or Website is a Scam

Scam and Spam, believe it or not but they both drive many parts of internet, they are part of many search engines index and they drive every other internet users totally nuts.

There are lot you can do to find if a site is phishing and steer clear of money scams but here is another is service which helps you in finding scams, phishing and much more.

Created by Jason Morrison, a Googler working on the Search Quality team,  who wrote on steer clear of money scams has created a custom search engine called as Is this a scam.

In his own words,

This particular search engine works well because I combed the web looking for high-quality sources of information about scams, fraud, snake oil, and consumer protection. The list well over 100 sites, including forums, blogs, news media, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

I could not find if he did disclose the list of  those 100 webs sites but would have loved to see it.

This makes it much more reliable and a Scam Checker before you plan to pay off money on any site which could be new for you. He says next time your uncle wants to sign off a check, just ask him to look into this.

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