Keeping font types intact when distributing your Word file [ Microsoft Office ]

One of the major problems which I had seen in my office and rather  many friends say too is the problem when they cant see the fonts properly when they get documents either sent by someone or sometimes even when they download it.

This happens because the font which one used to prepare the document was not one of the common system fonts i.e. he or she must have installed a new font and used it. This practice is not good as we don’t tend to remember that people whom this will be distributed might not see the way we do.

Advanced Word Options in Microsoft Office
Advanced Word Options in Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2007 comes with a solution for this. ( Not sure if t was present in previous version too ). Here are the steps we all can use :

  • Go to Office menu ( Top Left ) and then word options
  • Now select the Save Option.
  • The last item in that called as Preserve Fidelity when sharing the document
  • You can choose to embed the fonts within the file or the second option ( this is better in case if only people in Windows going to see ) which asks you to skip the system fonts.
  • You can also choose to embed only font types which is used in this document.  I think this is the option which will suit you best as the file size will be reduced to a great extent.
Preserving Font Types in Microsoft Office Word 2007
Preserving Font Types in Microsoft Office Word 2007


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