Keyboard shortcuts for Google Search

Google Universal Search Model had made search engine more friendly and relative. Not only the way of searching has changed but the way people will be using the search engines now.The new Google search engine provides you a with quick shortcuts ( like in gmail ).

This will help you in minimizing the use of mouse. Google has also introduced a new feature called as time line. This feature diggs down the news in history and displays according to what happened down the time. The only thing is I haven’t seen it coming till now but is available as a beta.

Keyboard Shortcut for Google Search

  • J Selects the next result.
  • K Selects the previous result.
  • O Opens the selected result.
  • <Enter> Opens the selected result.
  • / Puts the cursor in the search box.
  • <Esc> Removes the cursor from the search box.

Lets take a look at the image. Here you see a small navigational arrow pops up. This can be moved up or down using the above shortcuts.

Google Keyboard Shortcuts
Google Keyboard Shortcuts

Google has also introduced a time line search feature. Check time line search for thomas jefferson. I am excited to see how the new Google search engine comes up. Are you ?


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