Keyboard shortcuts for VLC Media Player


VLC is one of the most popular media players; its ability in playing almost every known media format is almost unquestionable.

Recently I came to know about some keyboard shortcuts in VLC media players. Here I am enlisting them.

  • Ctrl+ Up/Down Arrow – Increase or Decrease the volume.
  • Ctrl+ Left/Right Arrow – Forward or Rewind the video.
  • A – Toggle video in different aspect ratios; keep on hitting ‘A’ on your keyboard to toggle different aspect ratios.
  • C – Crop the Video; hitting ‘C’ again and again crops the video, horizontally and vertically in turn.
  • F – Switch to fullscreen and exit fullscreen.
  • G – Subtitle delay, hitting ‘G’ on keyboard inserts a -50ms delay, hitting ‘G’ twice will insert a -100ms delay, thrice for a -150ms delay and so on.
  • H – This works as reverse process for ‘G’, i.e. hitting ‘H’ inserts a subtitle delay of +50ms delay.
  • J- Audio delay of -50ms every time you hit ‘J’
  • K – Reverse of ‘J’, i.e. hit ‘K’ to get a +50ms audio delay.
  • M – Mute/un-mute.
  • N – Play next track from the playlist.
  • P – Play the Previous track in the playlist.
  • S – Stop playback
  • T – Show Time played/ Time left
  • V – Enable subtitles (if available).
  • Z – Zoom in and Zoom out.

This a list of general shortcuts, if you want to see more advanced ones, you can go to Tools > Preferences (Ctrl-P) > Interface > Hotkeys settings (check the “Advanced options” box), you can also customize these shortcuts as per your requirements, for better accessibility.

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