Kidrex brings Safer search engine with fun for Kids

KidRex is actually a Google Custom Search engine, designed especially for kids. It uses the Gogle’s SafeSearch technology, and for every keyword it either doesn’t return any results (e.g. Porn, Incest, etc. like explicit keywords), or presents only the results (webpages and links) which are safe for kids.

Fun and Safe Search for Kids

KidRex works fine, I tried several keywords and the results returned are good enough. As mentioned on the Wikipedia page for KidRex, try searching ‘nasa’ in KidRex, and unlike the Google Search Results for same keyword, it returns the results as shown below. It displays NASA Kid’s Club in top position.

Results for 'nasa' keyword on KidRex

However, I was just wondering, if displaying ads on the KidRex result pages is really worth? Won’t it be inviting some fraud click?

So, go ahead and tell your kids about this search engine, and let them learn the method of searching using this amazing search engine.

Try KidRex

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